Frequently asked questions

We know Bitzbags is great and we hope you feel the same. Should you have a question, below are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer below, feel free to contact us.

Bitzbags can be used for any small construction toys, blocks, dolls, cars, loom bands, pens, etc...However, customers have also bought bitzbags to store items for camping, crafting (knitting, bracelet making), art supplies, there are many uses..How would you use yours?
Less than 20 seconds!  And when we compared tidy up time against manual clearing of toys, we found that Bitzbags was 85% faster!
Bitzbags consist of a 2 part design, a square mat and detachable storage bag.  The mat is great for children to use to play on, and when no longer in use, the mat can be pulled, folded and secured in the stretchable storage bag.  Have a look at our demo video in “How it works” tab.
Bitzbags are not waterproof however, our range includes Bitzbags which come with a wipable surface in Purple or Blue.  The Bitzbags with the white surface is not wipable.
Yes, Bitzbags can be occasionally machine washed at 40 degrees however please be aware that care should be taken when washing your Bitzbags to avoid colour run.  Bitzbags are made out of colourfast, breathable and crease resistant fabrics. Do not use fabric softner or tumble dry the product. To avoid the velcro snagging the material when washing, please ensure that all velcro attachments are securely fastened on the Bitzbags and that the mat is attached to the bag and tucked in before washing. Reshape the bag and mat when damp to air dry. You can iron the bag and mat on a cool setting n a fabric polyester surface only.
Bitzbags is currently only available in the Large size however we plan to launch additions to our range to include Small, Medium and X-Large sized Bitzbags very soon.  Complete our contacts page to register your interest in the different sizes and we will notify you before they are launched.
It's a quick and simple process made up from one bag and one square mat. With all of your items on the square mat, sure that the Bitzbags label is at the top right corner before beginning to pack away. The velcro strap is underneath on the bottom left therefore using this starting point will ensure the velcro strap and d-rings are lined up properly. Lift up the bottom left and bottom right corners of the mat then scoop up the top right and top left corners allowing the items on the mat to slowly move towards the centre. Holding all four corners, begin to roll them downwards towards the main body of the mat. There are 2 handy d-ring settings, one for a half load, one for a full load. Secure the velcro strap to a d-ring. Stretch your bag over the full and compressed mat keeping everything nice and contained.