How do you use your Bitzbag? Guest Blog by Kara Nisbet, Articulate Language Camps


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As part of our “How do you use your Bitzbag” campaign, we asked Kara Nisbet of Articulate Language Camps to share her views on the best use of our XL sized Bitzbag.

Kara wrote:

Merci Bitzbags! We are delighted to be guest bloggers for you and talk about how we’ve been using your fantastic playmat and storage bag.

So, let’s start with who I am. My name is Kara Nisbet and I am co-founder of an exciting, award-winning language school called Articulate Language Camps. We run foreign language summer camps and a range of school programmes where we focus on taking languages out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. Our campers learn in a meaningful way by making films or animations in Spanish, taking a climbing or archery course in German, learning outdoor survival skills in Italian or even singing French songs around a campfire in the evenings! We bring together young people from all over Europe, aged between 6 and 17, to encourage and support them to learn from one another. We love working with children and young people and our multilingual team are so passionate about what we do.

Fiona, the brilliant founder of Bitzbags, recently gifted us one of her bags for trial. We obviously have lots of equipment to transport and store as we move from school to school during term time and to our various partner outdoor centres. We immediately put our blue, extra-large, Bitzbag to good use on one of our outdoor activity days with a school in Edinburgh. For one of our treasure hunt challenges, campers had to solve a number riddle using coloured plastic balls but were first tasked with finding the balls in a “ball swamp” with the Spanish numbers written on them. This is a great challenge but was always one of my least favourite as nothing was worse at the end of the day than packing each ball individually back into the black bin bag we stored them in. Our Bitzbag worked wonders! Not only was it easy to transport the balls, but tidying up was a doddle! We just scooped them up in the playmat and stretchy bag in no time. Even in the muddy field where we were running the activity, the Bitzbag’s water resistant material kept it mostly dry and it was easy to wipe the mud away. We were super impressed! We will even be able to put it in the washing machine so that it’s nice and clean for our next camp.

So, what’s our verdict? C’est génial! ¡Estupendo! Ausgezeichnet! Absolutely great! We have so many more ideas for using our Bitzbag on other camps as it is just so versatile. From storing and protecting climbing ropes to trying to keep glitter contained on craft activities, it is certainly going to make our lives easier!

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