How do you use your Bitzbag? Guest blog No 2 by Jane Arschavir, Family Blogger from Hodgepodgedays


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I am a blogger from Manchester, and my blog is HodgePodgeDays. I am a food and family blogger who enjoys family days out and baking for my family. I have a husband, Matthew and a six year old son, Benjamin. I’ve been blogging for over three years and no two days are the same, which is just how we like it.

Having a six year old in the house, our floors are an assault course of toys. I’m pretty sick of stepping on things and I’m very fed up of everywhere being a mess. In mid-December our family suddenly grew, and we welcomed Penny the sprocker puppy into our lives. She’s adorable, but she will try and eat absolutely anything she can get her paws on. It’s time our son Benjamin learned how to tidy up after himself.

For the past few weeks we’ve been putting an X-large Bitzbag to the test. The Bitzbag is a large playmat which you can use to build Lego on, or play with other toys like dinosaurs or puzzles. When you’ve finished you just pick the mat up by its corners, fold it away with your toys still inside and pop it in the elasticated drawstring-free bag. It’s a really quick way to tidy up, and ideal if you can hear a bouncy puppy approaching and you need to get your toys out of the way quickly.

Our Bitzbag was a godsend. My son very quickly got the idea, and much to my eternal joy actually started to tidy up after himself. It’s such a simple but brilliant idea and it’s perfect for when you’re playing with small fiddly things like little bricks, or a host of small dinosaurs. You can quickly just gather them up and put them away (safe from the curious mouth of a puppy). Genius.

The Bitzbag is a good clean surface to play on and I suspect it has a myriad of uses, other than for helping a six year old be tidier in his habits. We fully recommend the Bitzbag for speedy tidying up, for taking on holidays or days out and for the floor of a small boy’s bedroom.

Thank you Jane for your review and guest blog about our Bitzbags products! For more information about Jane’s blogging visit her website or follow her posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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