How do you use your Bitzbag? Guest Blog No 3 by Collette Gowing, Primary School Deputy Headteacher


Guest Blog 3 Collette

I’m a Depute Headteacher in a school for children with complex learning needs within Glasgow. Many of our children have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and structure and organisation are paramount to support them in their learning. When I first heard about Bitzbags, I was very interested in using these within our school so I asked Fiona to come in to demonstrate their use for our school children and application within an educational resources setting.   The large sized bags (L RRP £19.99) were used in a variety of classrooms with individual children. Staff were very impressed with how easy it was to use and the physical structure of the square play mat was a perfect resource to support our children in understanding boundaries when exploring and playing with their number blocks or flash cards. Having a sense of “own space” and boundaries is something which our children with ASD thrive on. We requested a pocket at the front of the Bitzbag so that staff could label each bag with a picture symbol to allow children to easily identify their own bag and/or its contents and therefore become more independent in their learning. This is a suggestion that Fiona has now incorporated into her Bitzbags design and we are delighted that she has now rolled it out throughout her entire range! Most recently we have trialled a larger, water resistant Bitzbag (XL Green RRP £34.99) and we are continuing to explore its use to promote our children’s Outdoor Learning.  Feedback on our use of the XL Bitzbag will be given in our next guest blog! Watch this space…

Thank you Collette for your review and guest blog about our Bitzbags products! If you work in a school or educational setting and would like to find out more about the products discussed in this blog, then please visit or our shop on Amazon

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