how does it work?

It’s simple really! Bitzbags has been designed to be quick and easy to use, versatile in its use and safe for children. Watch our video to the right to see it in action.

Inspired by the lifestyle of a busy mum, Bitzbags is a 2 part product: a square mat, with detachable storage bag.  The mat is great for messy play, allowing children to spread out their toys when in use.  The mat then scoops up the toys and the drawstring free design on the bag stretches around the load to convert into a portable bag.

Mess with no stress, Bitzbags goes from play to packaway in seconds.

Watch our demo video to give you a quick idea of how easy it can be to tidy away your child’s toys.

funky & versatile

Available in lots of colours with a range of material types to suit you.

2 products in 1

Rest assured that your children will love this product and it's also safe for them to use!

Light weight & durable

We've used the best light weight and strong material to ensure longevity.

no use of drawstring

The registered design of our bags don't use drawstring and are safe for children.